What you should know

Who receives the SEXTEN CARD?

Every guest who stays in one of our member establishment gets a SEXTEN CARD. The activation fee differs depending on the card type. Children under 8 years of age do not need a SEXTEN CARD.

How much does the SEXTEN CARD cost?

The SEXTEN CARD is available  to every guest of a member establishment.  Children up to 6 years of age do not need a SEXTEN CARD.

Do I have to carry my SEXTEN CARD with me all the time?

The SextenCard must be shown and validated when using line 440.

Is the SEXTEN CARD valid for the whole family?

The SEXTEN CARD is personalised and non-transferable. Each family member aged six and over is issued with their own guest card. The guest card is not valid for four-legged friends. A ticket must be purchased for them on the bus.

Do I have to pay a deposit for the SEXTEN CARD?

The SEXTEN CARD is given to each guest by the landlord upon arrival. A deposit is not provided.

Is it possible to cancel benefits that have already been booked?

Please check the cancellation conditions of every individual service.

How long is the SEXTEN CARD valid?

From the moment of activation, the SEXTEN CARD has a validity of seven consecutive days. Per un soggiorno più lungo, è possibile richiedere al proprietario una seconda SextenCard.

What if desired services are already fully booked?

The bookable services are offered on an ongoing basis. If there are no more places available for the desired day, you can switch to an alternative day. It is advisable to book early.

Where can I get the SEXTEN CARD?

You can get the SEXTEN CARDdirectly at your accommodation in Sexten/Sesto.

What happens if I lose my SEXTEN CARD?

If you lose your guest card, please contact your host.

Can the advantages of the SEXTEN CARD also be used with other guest cards?

The benefits included in the SEXTEN CARD are valid only for holders of the SEXTEN CARD.